Lust Lust Lust

David . 24 . Musician . Mexico City
Lust I have and crave . A saintly boy I'm not . I'll take it to my grave . Beside it cursed I'll rot

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MOYERS: What do you see happening to the idea of dignity to human species if this population growth continues at its present rate?

ASIMOV: It’s going to destroy it all. I use what I call my bathroom metaphor. If two people live in an apartment, and there are two bathrooms, then both have…


Abandoned Stadium 5 by stevensiegel260 on Flickr.

Seoul, South Korea, 2004 — Patrick Zachmann

Photo of a fight in the Ukranian Parliament or Renaissance painting? 

Mario Pucic

"What’s the matter with nostalgia? It’s the only thing left for those of us who have no faith in the future."

- The Great Beauty (via auniversalstill)